4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Type of Flooring

When you are updating a home, your floors can speak volumes. You want an item that is beautiful, functional and improves your life. Besides the look of the room, you want to be sure that you get a product that is going to last. We talk about the four most important questions to answer before you decide which flooring material you want for your project.

How much maintenance will my new floor need?

Understanding how much time you will spend cleaning and maintaining your flooring is a good place to start when selecting a new material. Scotch guard applications can protect your carpet from spills and prevent stains from penetrating the material. Hardwood floors with a factory coating of epoxy may not need much more than a damp mop once in a while. Tile, vinyl, and laminate all have sealers and grouts that can reduce staining, but each product has care requirements to get the most life out of it.

How durable is the flooring?

When you have pets and kids, then you want the product that is the most durable. On average, carpets only last a decade. The more traffic you have going across your floors each day, the faster they will wear out. Hardwood floors are an excellent option when you have high traffic levels. Consumer Reports says that pre-engineered products come from the factory with stain and damage resistant coatings that are more robust than what contractors typically use.

What is the main function of the space getting the new floor?

If the room is a kitchen or bathroom, then carpet or hardwood may not be the best choice. Entries, mud rooms, and main living spaces are going to get a lot of traffic. You want the flooring in these areas to clean up fast, hold up to excess traffic, and resist slipping.

What products are best for people with breathing issues and allergies?

Bedrooms are the best places for carpet unless you have allergies. In these homes, tile or hardwood might be the right solution. Lowe’s says combining rugs with hard flooring gives you the right mix of comfort and healthiness for people with breathing issues. Knowing what materials have high VOC’s is something else to consider since these pollutants can make breathing problems worse for a long time after installation.

Choosing a new floor for your space is not hard with the right information. Knowing how often and when to clean and reseal your flooring is crucial to getting the most life out of the product. Getting the answers to these four questions can help you select flooring that looks beautiful and functions optimally for your family and lifestyle.

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