4 Reasons Why You Should Try A Group Fitness Class

Group fitness classes can be so much fun! The energy that comes from a group class is absolutely infectious. Read on to discover why you might like joining the fun too!

1. Accountability
You are way more likely to attend any class that others know you plan on attending. Even if you are not at all concerned about what others think, your subconscious will likely jump in and tell you to go when you do not feel like going. Also, your fellow classmates and possibly your instructor may ask why you were not there. You know they care about you and you will not want to disappoint them with some excuse that makes you sound lazy. This is great news for you! It means you will go!

2. Belief in Yourself
When thirty other sets of eyes are in the room, even if they are not looking at you, you will push yourself! You will believe you can do things that you did not think were possible before because you do not want to be the one who cannot do something during the class. Then the belief will start to work and you will overcome mind blocks that you had about what you could do physically. This type of motivation is excellent for moving you out of your comfort zone and into something new!

3. Social Interaction
You have proved that you can blast through that class with the best of them, so why not get to know them? A group fitness class is a great way to get to know new people. You are inclined to find some like-minded people in a class as well. Perhaps you both like the style of music that is used and that commonality can serve as a conversation starter. Take time to try to talk to others in the class and you will likely be pleasantly surprised with some new friends!

4. Increased Commitment
When you spend time with others, reaching for the common goal of completing the class, you automatically become motivated to keep going. There is a also certain amount of inspiration that comes just from watching others push through to the end. In addition, you are more likely to stay committed to a group class because it is inspiring to watch others. Watching those who find it easy is motivating and watching those who find it difficult can help you find strength in yourself. You will likely find yourself somewhere in the middle and will gain strength from both ends of the spectrum.

As you can see, a group class can be very good for you! From increased accountability to new friendships, many benefits are waiting. Will you join in?

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