5 Easy Costumes to Make For Halloween at Home

Whether you want to get more involved with your kids for holidays or you don’t want to spend a lot of money, there are a few easy costume ideas to consider for Halloween that are fun to make. Consider the skills that you have before making a costume so that you don’t try to do something you might not be able to complete. Before you begin making the costume, gather all of the materials that you’ll need so that you won’t have to go back to the store in the middle of the design.

1. Ghost
Although this is a simple costume design, there are a few things that you can do to make a ghost costume creative. Cut out eyes and a mouth from poster board, spraying them with paint that glows in the dark so that the costume can easily be seen at night. You can also spray fake blood on it for a gruesome impact.

2. Fruits
It’s easy to dress as various types of fruit. Wear a yellow dress with a green spiked headband to look like a pineapple. A pink dress or shirt with black dots can resemble a strawberry. Think about the fruits that you like, and get your family to dress up together for a fun Halloween experience as everyone comes up with their own costume.

3. Robots
Create colorful robot costumes with cardboard boxes in different sizes, some paint, duct tape, and aluminum flex pipe. Attach the boxes together with the tape and the pipe. Decorate each box with stickers or duct tape so that each one looks like a robot. Each person in the family can design their own robot so that the costumes are creative. Use the flex pipe for robotic arms and legs.

4. Bath Time
It’s fun to stay clean, and you can make a family costume centered around this time of the day. One person can wear a bathrobe and carry an inflatable rubber duck. Another person can wear a white cardboard box that is decorated to look like a tub with a small piece of flexible aluminum pipe on one end for the handles. Attach white balloons or large white cotton balls to the inside of the tub so that it looks like bubbles. You can also hang a bar of soap from the tub with string.

5. Cupcakes
Whether you have someone in the family who dances or not, you can make a cupcake with a dance tutu. This article of clothing will serve as the cupcake part of the costume. Attach colored puff balls to a white shirt to look like sprinkles on the cupcake.

Halloween is a time for creativity and imagination. Instead of fighting the holiday crowds for costumes, make your own with your family. It can be a tradition that you begin when your children are young that is fun and enjoyable for all.

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