5 Items to Have on Your First Camping Trip

If you’re new to camping, you already have a lot to learn. But there’s a first time for everything, so let your first camping trip be a learning experience!

When it comes to what to bring, there’s a long list of items that you’ll need. For now, focus on these five essential camping items.

1. A tent

How many people will be on your camping trip? What kind of terrain will you be in? What will the weather be like? These are questions that you should ask when it comes to choosing a tent. Tents run the gamut from inexpensive and basic to extremely expensive and intricately made. Choose one that fits your needs.

2. A high quality sleeping bag

Sleeping bags should be warm enough for whatever climate you will be in, but they should also be compact enough so that you can easily hike with them on your back or in your pack.

3. Versatile clothing and quality shoes

When you’re camping, remember that the weather may change drastically, so you should be ready for everything and anything. Make sure that you dress in comfortable, breathable clothing that can be worn in layers, and don’t bring too much! You’ll have to carry it.

4. A cooking kit

Even though you might rely on snacks while you hike to your camping site, you can’t eat granola bars and potato chips for the entire duration of your camping trip. You’ll want to get cooking as soon as you set up a campfire, and there are many great cooking devices that are versatile and compact enough for any type of camping trip.

You’ll need something to cook your food in, eating utensils and plates or bowls of some kind as well as your actual food. As a final note, don’t forget you’re a portable box of spices. If you’ll be cooking up meat, pasta, rice or sandwiches, you’ll want to spice them up with salt, pepper and a variety of other tasty spices.

5. A safety kit

This last one is vital for any camping trip, and it actually encompasses a number of items. Within your camping safety kit, you should make sure that you have a first aid kit, a pack of matches, a pocket knife and a map of your area. You’ll naturally hope that many of these items will never be used on your trip, but if you happen to need them, they’ll come in extremely handy and may even save your life.

Many of these items will require upfront costs. But once you have all of these necessary items and the others that you will need for your trip, camping can be an extremely frugal way to have fun on a trip! It’s always a great way to experience nature.

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