5 Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing a Modular Home

When purchasing a modular home, there are several things to investigate first. Modular homes are a convenient way to get the home of your dreams on your land. With a little preplanning and patience, you could have a turn-key house in no time. Here are five things to ask about when shopping for a modular home.

1. Lot Size

The first thing you will want to discuss is the lot or acreage that you are going to be putting the home on. You will want to know the dimensions of the property as well as the access road and driveway widths. One of the issues that determine how much square footage can be built on the land is your local setback codes. The planning and building department will have these regulations on file. In addition to where you can put the house, you will want to know how to get utilities to it. If you are using a septic or well, the designer will need to configure their location into the plot map.

2. Model

Modular homes come in a variety of models, so before you head out, do some research on what particular styles you like. Some common ones are ranch, colonial, and Cape Cod. Along with the exterior look, you will have plenty of interior configurations to choose from. Go into the process knowing how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need and if you prefer an open or closed floor plan.

3. Upgrades

Every modular home comes with basic features, such as flooring and cabinets. Modular home manufacturers can upgrade almost all of the elements in the house, and adding these at the beginning can save you the hassle of doing it after you have moved in. Many upgrades add value immediately to the property. For example, Formica countertops may come with the standard model, but upgrading to a higher-quality solid surface counter can improve the feel of the kitchen and add resale value.

4. Time frame

If you are getting a lot of upgrades and custom work done to the house, it may take longer than the base model to deliver. Ask the dealership how far out production is, and when could you expect your home to be completed and move-in ready. Other factors that may affect the period are weather and the other contractor’s schedules.

5. Cost

Besides the cost of the actual structure, you will want to know the extras that must be purchased outside of the contract. Find out if the permits are covered. Are you paying for the foundation or just the building? Usually, any landscaping or road work is a separate bill, but you will need to know details like this.

Modular home manufacturers let you create a customized home. The styles are endless, as well as the add-ons. The process involves working with builders, utility companies, and your local planning department, but together, you can create the perfect house on your land.

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