5 Reasons to Have Recognition Awards at Your Company

It’s no secret that teamwork can have a profound impact on how a workplace is maintained. With healthy teams bringing a direct link to workplace productivity and longevity, having a sense of camaraderie among your employees is essential. This is why we believe that it’s so important to continually remind your employees of their context in the general company, something that is often best highlighted in recognition award ceremonies.


However, some might be skeptical of the notion of award ceremonies in general. After all, do they really benefit the company, or just use up precious time and resources? We don’t believe them to be a waste of time, but don’t just take our word for it—we’ve made a list of 5 Reasons to Have Recognition Awards at Your Company:


#5. Raise Awareness of the Company


Though award ceremonies are wonderful on their own, there is also a slight marketing possibility that can result from them. For example, those who win the awards will likely post about it on social media in order to share their achievements, causing more people to be aware of your company!


#4. You Can Give Out Bonuses


When we say bonuses, we don’t necessarily mean pay increases—with each award you give out to your company members, you can include company clothing and other types of gifts! If you want to go the extra mile, including a monetary bonus for the most important award can be a good way to incentivize the employees.


#3. Your Employees Will Feel Motivated


If you have your company ceremony at a specific time during the year with the intention of making it an annual occurrence, your employees will subsequently look forward to it each year. This will cause them to feel motivated and to work towards something, no doubt affecting their performance!


#2. Company Bonding Time is Important


Some of the best teamwork is achieved when people know one another on a personal level. This is why having company bonding time is important, as people can have fun and develop their interpersonal relationships!


#1. Awards Help Contextualize Positions


Above all, giving out company awards is a way of showing employees how important they are to the company. This can also help contextualize their role in the business, making them feel individual and truly part of a team!

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