5 Reasons to Hire a Moving Company

Are you and your family planning a move soon? Perhaps nothing can be more stressful, whether you are moving across town or to another state. You probably dread all the sorting, packing, and the back-breaking labor of moving furniture. Plus, you will need to rent a moving truck and drive it yourself. If these realizations put your anxiety into overdrive, there is a solution. Why not hire professional movers? Here are five reasons to leave it to the pros.

1. The Art of Packing

When you are moving, you need plenty of boxes. Forget about going to the local recycling bin to forage for boxes. Professional movers supply clean, sturdy boxes in a variety of sizes. They will wrap your fragile items in tissue paper and bubble wrap for a safe journey. These experienced movers know how to pack your belongings safely and efficiently.

2. Save Your Back

Moving furniture requires a lot of strength and endurance. Just about all your furniture and appliances take at least two people to lift and load them on the truck. Then, you have the problem of positioning everything in the truck to prevent damage and maximize space. Leave the grunt work to professionals who do it for a living. They cover your furniture and appliances with quilted tarps and use heavy-duty dollies and lifts. When you arrive at your new place, your movers will also unload everything where it needs to be.

3. Save Time

It can take a day or up to a week to move, depending on the location. Instead of using vacation days from work, let professional movers do the job. All you need to do is show up at your new home.

4. The Oops Factor

Nothing is more frustrating than to have something broken during the moving process. Glass, appliances, and other fragile items can easily be cracked, scratched, or broken beyond compare. You want your belongings and family heirlooms to be safe. Moving professionals are trained and experienced in packing and transporting households. If any of your things get broken or damaged, the moving company carries insurance to cover it all.

5. Driving in Unfamiliar Territory

Even with a GPS, navigating on unfamiliar roads and highways can be stressful—especially when moving to another state. If you aren’t used to driving a large moving truck, your stress may double. When you hire professional movers, they do the mapping and driving. They will navigate the moving truck through the congested traffic instead of you. You won’t have the task of returning a rental vehicle by a particular time, either.

Take the hassle out of moving and hire certified, experienced movers. You will have peace of mind knowing that your move is in good hands.

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