5 Reasons You Need to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

You likely clean your home at least once a week so that it looks better and is a healthier place to live. However, you may ignore the cleanliness of the air ducts in your home. Here are five reasons to have your air ducts cleaned professionally.

Five Reasons to Clean Your Home’s Air Ducts

Reason 1: Having an Efficient Cooling and Heating System

If your home’s ductwork is filled with debris, then the cooled or warmed air won’t circulate properly. This can lead to having cold or hot spots in your home along with having huge climate-control bills each month. The removal of dust from the air ducts permits the climate-controlled air to flow freely.

Reason 2: Reducing the Symptoms from Allergies

When you suffer from allergies, you can feel terrible each day. When your home’s air ducts are filled with pet dander and pollen, you can sneeze or have a runny nose most of the time. With a professional air duct cleaning, the offensive debris in the ductwork is suctioned from the system for proper removal to an off-site location. You won’t have as many issues from your allergies after the air ducts are cleaned in your home.

Reason 3: A Home that Is Cleaner

If your home is constantly dusty despite vacuuming, then it is likely due to having a dirty air duct system in the house. Technicians can seal the vents in your home before using specialized suctioning equipment to remove the debris from the air ducts. After the dirt is removed from the ductwork, you will have a home that is cleaner.

Reason 4: Elimination of Germs that Cause Illnesses

It is possible for bacteria and viruses to lurk in the air ducts of your home, leading to illnesses for you and your family. The suctioning equipment used by a knowledgeable technician will loosen the germs that are stuck inside the ductwork, helping you to remain healthier throughout the year.

Reason 5: Increasing the Life Span of Heating and Cooling Equipment

Having the air ducts cleaned in your home can prolong the life span of the cooling and heating equipment. The debris inside the ductwork can prevent the circulation of cooled and warmed air, making the devices work harder. This can damage a furnace or an air conditioner, reducing the life span of the devices.

How Much Dirt Is In Your Home’s Air Ducts?

Researchers have determined that the average home has 40 pounds of disgusting debris in the air ducts. This type of debris can include cobwebs, pollen, hair and household dust along with insect particles or rodent droppings. Request an air duct cleaning process at least once a year to have a cleaner home.

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