5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Septic Unit at Home

Homes in rural areas that are too far from available sewage systems usually have a septic tank to get rid of human waste. Unfortunately, these systems can malfunction at times resulting in a mess that would make anyone queasy. Here, we’ve laid out 5 telltale signs that your septic unit needs to be replaced.

1. Water build-up in your yard.

A well-built septic unit should last several decades with proper maintenance. If you’re starting to notice water build-up in your yard, however, it may be a sign that something’s wrong. Whether you see full-blown puddles or notice the ground is abnormally wet, either the unit needs to be repaired or replaced altogether. This excess water is a result of major leakage which needs to be taken care of quickly.

Septic tanks are designed to filter sewage before being discharged into the drain field. If this area has too much water to process properly, it’s going to be pushed towards your home’s drains and into your backyard.

2. Sewage back up in your pipes.

Another sign that your septic unit needs to be replaced is sewage back up. Systems that aren’t functioning properly due to damage or age won’t be able to keep up with the amount of waste being pumped from your home’s pipes. This results in a gradual build-up of sewage in your plumbing system. You’ll probably smell this back up at first. If you let it go for too long though, you’ll actually see sewage backing up in your pipes. Also, keep an open ear for a gurgling noise coming from your drains. This could also be a sign of clogging.

3. A terrible smell.

The whole point of a septic system is to keep your home free from dangerous and foul-smelling sewage. When everything is working properly, all of the awful smells will be trapped within the system. However, when things start to go awry, those terrible smells might start to permeate through the unit. If you smell sewage near the drain field or around the tank itself, this could be a sign that the unit is about to fail.

4. Patches of greener grass.

Ironically, green grass may be a sign that your septic unit needs to be replaced. When a unit’s drain field isn’t working properly, excess water and waste will seep into the surrounding yard, resulting in abnormally green grass. It may look good from above, but it’s spelling disaster underground.

5. Well-water that’s contaminated.

A major health concern related to failed septic units is contaminated groundwater. When systems fail, sewage is forced into your yard. This can end up sending bacteria, viruses, and other hazards into your water.

Septic units are necessary for homes that aren’t close enough to municipal systems. However, they also require more work and maintenance. Keep an eye out for these 5 signs to know when its time to replace your septic system.

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