5 Steps For Storing Jewelry

Jewelry is an expensive investment, so it makes sense to put in the effort to store it properly. Fortunately, that can be fairly simple. There are only a few things that you need to do to keep your precious items safe, secure, and even on display.

Take An Inventory

You should begin your work by going through your collection and making a list of all of the items. That will tell you roughly how much storage space you are going to need, which items need polishing or other special treatment, and even give some insight into the best way to sort them. That may seem like a lot of added work, but it is the best way to save time in the long run by keeping things neat and organized.

Apply Polish

Many of the metals used in jewelry, most notably silver, are prone to tarnishing over time when they are exposed to the air. That can make them much less attractive and is best prevented. You can do that with most metals by applying a thin layer of polish over the metallic parts of the item. Always be sure to check that the polish you are using is safe for the item before you apply it!

Consider Special Displays

Most people store their jewelry in a box, but that isn’t the only choice. There are a lot of fun and creative ways to store some or all of your pieces if you want to keep them on display. That lets you use your expensive jewelry as decorations for your home when you are not wearing it. Some of the options are also good from a security perspective, so you don’t need to choose between keeping them safe and displaying them.

Locate Containers Carefully

The place where you store your jewelry box or other container is surprisingly important. It should be in a safe place to prevent accidental damage, but it also needs to be easy to access so you can get ready to go out quickly. The best compromise is to keep the jewelry that you wear ever day in a convenient box in your dresser, while putting the more expensive or specialized pieces in a different box in a more secure place.

Sort by Color

There are a lot of ways to organize a collection, but most people will want to sort it by color of the metal or gems. That is because color is one of the most important factors for determining if an item will go with the rest of an outfit. People with large collections may want to divide by style as well as color, just to make things more efficient.

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