5 Tips on Understanding Why Having Clean Water Matters

Clean water is a right for every human being. Around seventy percent of the human body is water and needs regular, clean supply of it to function. Even so, billions of people face challenges in acquiring the necessary quality of this basic need. Clean water is vital to the health of people, and a lack of pure drinking water results in infections due to contaminations and chemicals inside of it. Here are the five reasons why clean water matters.


People require clean water to live. Polluted water can be deadly in some cases. About a million people per year die around the world because of infections from contaminated water. This includes cholera, diarrhea, and other water-related diseases.


Clean water is a basic element in the production of any other food product including bread, cheese, rice, etc. Animals on farms also require clean water to grow. The quality of the water affects the quality of the products intended for consumption.


Water is something that every human on this planet needs. It is a unifying component in a segregated world. The goal for clean water has brought organizations and people together to solve this common need of all. Basic needs like water can bring the world together. The conscious decision to protect water sources makes people and nations more considerate of each other.


The precipitation that falls on earth comes from water sources on the planet. Whatever pollution is in these water sources, it falls again on the land. Plant life also needs clean supplies of water to grow and remain healthy.


The consequences of polluted water supplies are big. The existance of limited resources has caused many wars in history. If water is not protected and cleaned now, it may become a resource that conflicts arise over. Peace between nations means adequate and clean supply of water to everyone and everywhere.

Clean water should be something that a person should not have to think about – just like one does not think about breathing. Only 1% of the water on earth is readily available for drinking. Depleting these sources will force people to turn to much harder ways of obtaining drinking water. That is why it is better to protect clean water now by not polluting it than trying to clean it in the future.

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