5 Travel Tips for Private Jet Passengers

The view from a leather-clad armchair at 41,000 feet can be surreal and exhilarating. Crystal clear skies coupled with bespoke service are only some of the perks enjoyed when choosing private jet travel and flying private can open up a whole world of options that commercial travel simply cannot.

With private jet travel becoming more accessible and affordable, it is a great time fly and here are five tips to help make your first (or next) trip smooth sailing from door to door:

Know Your Weight Limit

Unlike commercial travel, you can bring as much or as little as your jet can handle. It’s important to make sure you know how much storage space is available so that you are not leaving bags in your car. Check with your crew and, if needed, ship some items ahead to your destination.

Time Matters

You can be late and the plane will not leave you, however; it is a good idea to call when you are on your way so the crew can be prepared for your arrival. They are there waiting to serve you, so allow them to shine.

Tell Them What You Want

Speaking of the crew, they want to know how to make the experience smooth and enjoyable so tell them what you want. Need Lacto-Ovo meals? Tell them. Want to make sure you see the Eiffel tower before landing? They will make it happen. Be in touch with your crew and travel planner to make sure all your wants and needs are looked after on the ground and in the air.

Let The Crew Serve You

You will get a chance to move with more freedom on a private plane and the crew is there to make your experience safe and enjoyable. Though it is tempting to get things yourself or try to help, that makes it harder. Chat with the captain through the open flight deck door; wander around and be comfortable, but, let the crew wait on you. It’s their job.

A Seat With A View

Private jets afford you the pleasure of seeing all that the world has to offer. When choosing where to sit, a seat on the right of the plane facing forward will seat you behind the captain and give you a view out the front that is simply breathtaking. Catching your first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty as you come in over the Hudson while chatting with the captain is a memory you will cherish.

Commercial air travel is more cumbersome than ever. Flying in a private jet makes the journey much better. For those in the know, private jets are the way to go.

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