5 Tricks to Get You Comfortable Wearing Lingerie For The First Time

We are all flooded with images of beautiful models in lingerie on television and billboards. It can be quite intimidating for a woman putting on lingerie, especially if she doesn’t look like the models she sees. Plus, a lot of those items look super complicated! Here are some tips to help every woman feel better wearing lingerie for the first time.

1. Tell yourself that you are beautiful
A lot of women feel insecure in lingerie because of insecurities about their appearance. When putting on lingerie, remind yourself that you are a beautiful woman. Tell yourself your favorite features about yourself and appreciate your body.

2. Pick the right lingerie for you
Not every lingerie set is made for every woman. Look for lingerie that will highlight your best features and downplay the features that you aren’t so comfortable with. There are numerous options, so have fun making your selection. Pick something that you find really cute or sexy. That’ll make it that much more fun for you when you put it on. Don’t get lingerie for anyone else but you.

3. Make sure it fits right
Lingerie isn’t going to look its best if it doesn’t fit right. Don’t buy for a future skinnier you. You also don’t want to wear something that’s hanging off of your body. The right size is everything. There are professionals who can help if you don’t know exactly what size you are.

4. It’s more than just the lingerie
If you want to feel really beautiful in lingerie, make yourself feel beautiful in every aspect. Get your hair and nails done, put on makeup, and give yourself a splash of your favorite scent. Don’t forget the heels, either!

5. Workout
If your insecurities about wearing lingerie come from body issues, focus on those issues before the big night. Take some time to eat well and workout before you slip into your outfit. You want to start your diet and workout routine as soon as possible. You’ll feel better about yourself in skimpy lingerie, and your body will thank you, too.

You are beautiful. You are beautiful in anything you wear, but you should feel your best while in lingerie. It’s made to make you feel sexy and spice up the bedroom. Ultimately, you should wear whatever you want. Lingerie is a hot option, though, and it’s a good idea to give it a good attempt.

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