6 Advantages of Using Steel Structures in the Construction Industry

1. Durability

When builders opt to use wood, there is an element of maintenance that will need to be taken into consideration for a period of 20 years or more. This includes painting, new roofs, and preventative care for pest infestations as well as wood rot due to moisture just to name a few. According to BuildingUsingSteel.org, the industry building codes demand that all steel building materials be protected with a zinc coating that acts as a barrier that eliminates most moisture and excess oxygen to corrode the surface. These are usually in the form of what is commonly known as galvanized steel.

2. Variety of Warranties

Because steel is so durable, these companies can offer builders long-term warranties that are mostly unheard of for other types of building materials. Typically, a steel company will offer warranties that start at 20 years and go all the way up to 50 years. No matter the duration of a warranty for a steel structure, they all cover every component of the building and will include the roof as well.

3. Easily Insurable

Steel is not a flammable product, so anyone using steel to build a home or business will automatically see savings on their premium. It is a product that actually is known for holding up under extreme heat, so the odds of having a fire start are minimal to none. Steel construction can also take up to 150 mile-an-hour winds without any damage to the structure. Additionally, a steel foundation is much safer during an earthquake than most any other type of construction material.

4. Customizable

A steel home or other type of steel structure can be easily customized to nearly any design that a homeowner or business owner chooses. Steel structures can even be made to appear as a wood structure either from the outside or inside, or both. This is an advantage when builders are developing their steel structures in an area where all the homes need to have a uniform aesthetic for optimal appeal.

5. Energy Efficient

According to steelframing.org, since the early 1990s, steel has fast become the material of choice for most construction because of its energy efficiency to homeowners as well as companies. A steel home is code-required to have insulation, so this cost is considered as built-in to the overall construction package. A well-insulated structure also means lower costs in utility bills month after month.

6. Save on Architectural Costs

Construction companies no longer have to look to an architectural firm to create a construction package for them. They go directly to the source with most steel manufacturing companies who are able to present complete construction packages to builders as well as homeowners. So, a home-building project as well as larger-scale construction can be done as one-stop shopping.

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