6 Most Common Workplace Safety Mistakes

While many employers have safety plan and strive to reduce the risk of an accident, workers still get hurt or die on the job. These accidents and their resulting consequences are generally caused by a few common yet critical mistakes. Let’s take a look at what these mistakes are so that you can learn to identify them before something bad happens.

Employees Could Lack Safety Equipment

Employees should be given adequate safety equipment such as goggles, gloves or clothing that is resistant to flames. They should also be given access to eye washing stations or other forms of urgent medical care in the event that they are exposed to toxic materials.

New Workers Don’t Receive Proper Training

Younger and inexperienced workers are at a higher risk of getting hurt or dying at work because of an accident. This is because they not be familiar with the equipment that they are using or know how to identify hazards.

Veteran Workers Don’t Receive Ongoing Training

Those who have been doing a job for many months or years could develop bad habits. For instance, they could skip certain safety protocols or fail to work as part of a team when lifting heavy objects. They could also be vulnerable to not understanding how to use a new machine or how to adapt to modern safety standards.

Machines Aren’t Properly Tagged or Locked

When a machine is not in use, it should be tagged and locked for the safety of others working on or around it. Even if a machine is turned off, blades or other components could start running again without warning while a worker’s hand or arm is nearby.

Companies Don’t Have a Safety Culture

Having a safety plan is a good idea for any company as employees can get hurt doing anything from typing to drilling for oil. However, that plan isn’t worth much unless managers follow those rules and encourage others to do the same. Management should also encourage workers to make suggestions or identify hazards as they find them.

Companies Don’t Have a Realistic Safety Plan

As technology changes and threats to workplaces evolve, companies should adapt their safety plans. An adequate plan would include sending text messages to workers when an emergency arises. This can be effective whether the emergency is caused by a chemical spill, terrorist threat or workplace shooting incident.

Workplace safety should be a top priority for managers and workers alike. While safety plans can be expensive to implement, they can also prevent accidents that are more of a financial drain to a company. Avoiding accidents can also increase employee morale and reduce turnover within the organization.

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