6 Items to Sell When Moving Cross Country

A cross-country move could be pricey if you have a lot of stuff to relocate. Instead of paying to move it all, you could sell some of your items beforehand. Consider these six categories of items to sell before your move.

Baby Gear
If you have baby gear you no longer need, this is a good time to remove the clutter from your house. Clean all the baby items out of the closets. Items such as strollers, large toys, cloth diapers, clothing, carriers and bedding tend to sell well at consignment sales and garage sales.

Outdoor Decorations
Most outdoor decorations take up a lot of space, and you likely only use them for a few weeks out of the year. You could sell the outdoor decorations as a bundle, such as all of the Christmas items together or all of the Halloween items together. Finding replacements will be easy if you visit stores a few days after the holiday and catching the items on clearance.

Extra Household Supplies
If you have cleaning items, stacks of paper goods and other items that you do not feel like moving, you could sell these at a garage sale. Bundle the items up, such as all the cleaning products, put them into a box and sell them for a low price. You could also do this with fragile items such as light bulbs and glassware.

Seasonal and Designer Clothes
Most people have clothes in their closets that they do not wear. Instead of moving those clothes, you could sell them. There are specialty services that send you a kit, making it easy to sell those clothes. You could also take the clothes to a local consignment shop, have a yard sale or sell them on an online auction site. Consider selling seasonal clothes that you won’t need in the climate at your new place and designer clothes, as those tend to achieve higher sales prices.

Lawn Equipment
Lawn care equipment is bulky and heavy. Moving a lawn mower or other yard tools may not even be allowed by some moving companies because of the flammable fluids and sharp blades. You could sell it and reduce the weight of your belongings before your move.

Bulky Furniture
Bulky furniture could add a big fee onto your moving expenses. Instead of moving a bulky piece that may not even fit into your new place, consider selling it. If you cannot find a buyer, you could offer it to anyone willing to pick it up. You could also donate bulky furniture that is in good condition to a charity that will pick it up and give it to a person in need.

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