6 Signs Your Loved One Has an Addiction Problem

Addiction comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people can hide their problems well while others are powerless within its grasp. Many loved ones notice that things are not quite right with their family member, but most can’t put their finger on the problem. Here are six signs that your friend or family member is struggling with a substance abuse issue.

1. Lies and Deception Become Second Nature

The very nature of addiction is that it’s done in secret. An addict will go to any lengths to keep you from knowing what they’re doing. To cover their tracks, an addict must lie, cheat, and often steal. If you begin catching your family member in deceits, then it may indicate a bigger problem. Are they dishonest about how much money they spend, where they are going, or why they didn’t do something that they usually do? Lying and addiction are commonplace.

2. They Steal

When the habit becomes more significant than the addict can finance, then they will get money any way they know-how. They will max out credit cards, overdraw bank accounts, and steal from people that they love most. Don’t take it personally. The drugs are pushing them to do anything possible to soothe that craving.

3. They’re Always Sick

Not only do drugs take their toll on the inside, but it’s also very apparent a person is using from the outside. When it comes to methamphetamines, the skin may become blotchy, dark, and hollow looking. They may start having problems with decaying teeth too. Depending on what they’re taking, an addict may seem tired all the time and have constant cold and sinus issues.

4. Massive Mood Swings

Is your once happy loved one now angry one minute and cheerful the next? Drugs and alcohol affect brain chemicals that control mood. They may be unable to control their feelings and cycle rapidly. The mood swings are unpredictable and can cause a great disturbance to relationships and their household.

5. Hygiene Declines

When an addict is struggling to keep up with daily life and their substance abuse, it’s often the case that hygiene suffers. Their exhaustion and mood swings may so consume them so much that they forget to do the things that once came so naturally. The focus of an addict changes from thriving in life to surviving until their next fix.

6. No Longer Reliable/Dependable

When drugs and alcohol take over a person’s life, they forget about everything around them. Are they missing work without calling in with a legitimate reason? Have they forgotten to pick up their children from school or daycare? Forgetting obligations that they have always taken care of is a sign of trouble.

The signs of drug or alcohol addiction can be hard to spot. Frequently, a person with a substance abuse issue also has an undiagnosed mental illness. It’s essential to get help for your friend or loved one before it’s too late. Drugs can quickly take a hold of a person’s life and ruin relationships along the way. Thankfully, there is help available.

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