6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress

A wedding is a special day in your home. You want to look your best from head to toe. Choosing the ideal wedding dress is essential. When looking for your wedding dress, keep in mind a few basic concepts to help locate your ideal look.

The Time of Day

One of the most important factors in choosing a wedding dress is the time of wedding. If you’re holding your wedding in the afternoon, consider a dress with a shorter hemline to match the casual feel. For a evening wedding, consider a longer length for a more formal look.

Your Bridal Party

Another factor that should influence your choice of wedding dress is your bridal party. If you have lots of bridesmaids, they can help with the train. Look for a wedding dress that fits in with the dresses the bridesmaids have chosen. This way you’ll have a coordinated look for the procession that looks great in photographs.

Any Jewelry

Many brides want to wear at least some jewelry. This is a great way to incorporate something blue in your outfit. Keep in mind that the kind of jewelry you plan to use. A long heirloom necklace pairs well with a sweetheart neckline that helps show it off.

The Wedding Location

Your wedding location should also factor in your choice of wedding dress. For example, if you’re getting married in a field or on a beach, you want a wedding dress that is easy to move and won’t get immediately full of dirt or sand as you head to the altar. A wedding in a church or synagogue may require you to cover up your neck or arms. Check in advance and consider looking closely at the roads leading to the location.

Your Best Features

As is true of so many brides, you want a wedding dress that will show off your best features when you’re being seen by your entire family and circle of friends. You may have long, thick brown hair, striking eyes or a fine figure with a large bust. You want to look great when you’re heading to your groom. Look for a dress that helps draw attention to your tiny waist or your lovely smile.

Other Details

Each bride is unique. You want a dress that is all your own. Think about other specific details such as the shoes you’re going to wear, your choice of headpiece and the kind of fabrics you like. Your dress should be easy to get on and off. It should work with your chosen veil, hairstyle or tiara. It should feel great the second you put it on.

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