6 Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

Everyone from the soccer mom to the car enthusiast desires a clean car. However, keeping a clean car requires establishing good habits. Start implementing one or more of these proven tricks today.

1. Keep a trash can.

A trash can specially designed for cars allows you to easily corral all of the tiny straw papers and receipts cluttering your car. Train yourself and everyone who rides in your car to put trash where it goes, not on the floor. Then once you arrive at your destination or every time you fill up, empty the can.

2. Store wet wipes in your car.

Any mom will tell you, wet wipes save you from disaster! Keep a stash in your car to immediately handle spills before they bake into the interior of your car. You can even purchase ones that disinfect as you wipe. Scrub down all of the hard surfaces in your interior once a week to keep dust and grime from building up.

3. Use the right tools.

To ensure streak-free windows, use a waffle patterned towel, or in a pinch, newspaper. Pick an ammonia-based spray and clean the inside and outside periodically. For the crevices in your dash and air vents, employ paint brushes or old toothbrushes. Professionals recommend using clean microfiber towels to clean the outside of your vehicle. If one gets dropped, wash it before using it again.

4. Take in something every time.

It doesn’t take long for things to accumulate in your vehicle. We use our cars to transport everything from gym bags to coffee cups and they are often left behind. Eliminate this problem by simply bringing in at least one thing every time you leave the car. Another rule is to take out what you bring in each time!

5. Utilize organizers.

A quick search pulls up numerous car organizers. Invest in a few that will work best for your family and vehicle. Over the seat organizers hold many items including trash bags, tissues, and toys. They also protect the back of your seat from small footprints! Organizers that fit between the seat keep you from losing important papers and allow you to utilize the empty space. Also, trunk organizers take a large undesignated area and break it into smaller, manageable spaces.

6. Don’t forget the outside

Often we focus on the inside of our vehicles because we spend more time there. However, the outside also needs attention! Schedule a time once a month or once a week to wash your car, even if it is just a drive-thru wash. Wax the paint often to protect it.

Keeping your car clean doesn’t have to be a chore. You can introduce several simple steps and ensure a clean, well-maintained vehicle. Create a routine and you’ll keep a clean car.

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