6 Tips for Using Color in Your Garden

If you are a homeowner who has your own garden, you may want to create a more eye-catching effect. During the growing season, you should consider cultivating a variety of plants. If you are a fan of those that flower, you probably want to make great use of color. Here are six tips for using color in your garden.

Select Plants with Different Blooming Times

To truly make your garden stand out, you will want to get some perennials during the late spring. Choose a few other popular plants that are already in bloom during this time as well. You can get a good variety of plant types and colors growing in no time. Particular plants to keep in mind should include lilies, lilacs, roses, irises, asters and peonies. These are some of the most popular perennials, but keep in mind that some will only begin to bloom once the summer comes around.

Include a Mix of Annuals

One of the best ways to showcase the colors in your garden is to mix in a few annual plants with your perennials. While perennials blood during late spring or summer, annuals can grow and thrive all year long. Of course, proper gardening practices must be taken, such as trimming away spent flowers.

Think About What Foliage You Prefer

While flowers are obviously a huge part of incorporating color in your garden, you should also consider foliage. There are many types of decorative plants with colorful leaves that can remain looking great during the growing season. You can also take advantage of those plants whose foliage changes color during certain seasons, such as from red to yellow or orange between summer and fall.

Include Shrubs in Your Garden

Shrubs are great additions to your garden. Not only are their leaves usually lush in color, but many can sport flowers and even berries. They can also add much-needed shade to smaller flowering plants growing around them. A great option that can add a beautiful splash of color to your garden are hydrangeas, which come in a variety of hues.

Add Bulbs, Too

Tulips, daffodils and other bulbs that grow flowers can leave your garden looking like a proverbial rainbow. These are best just as the spring begins, but you can choose a few that are known to bloom well into the fall as well. Dahlias, in particular, are lovely during that season.

Trim and Prune When Necessary

You should trim and prune the plants in your garden whenever necessary. This will help to keep your garden in the best condition and ensure that it always looks amazing. When you properly trim away dead blooms, it allows for the growth of new ones and keeps your plants healthy.

These are great ways to use color in your garden. Remember that variety is the key. Keep up with your best gardening practices for best results.

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