6 Ways to make your Wedding Dress Stand Out

Many factors influence what wedding dress you should buy for your special day. Naturally, you’ll want a snug but comfortable fit. You’ll also need something that fits your own unique personality but is still affordable. And finally, you just want to look your best overall.

With that being said, many women want to go the extra mile. If this is you, and you really want your dress and your entire style to stand out, you’ll need to put in the extra effort. Follow the following tips for a great start.

1. Wear a full veil.

Long ago, women would wear full veils to their weddings, but it’s not a common practice now. To complement the beautiful dress that you’ve chosen, consider wearing a full vail that hides your face until you reach the altar.

2. Try off-white instead of white.

Most brides feel that they need to wear bright white to their weddings, but this isn’t necessarily always true. Consider a variation of white, such as eggshell, beige, off-white or even light tan.

3. Go for beads and jewels.

Lace and satin are common materials for wedding dresses, but less commonly, jewels and beads are used. To make your dress really stand out, find one that has a jeweled or beaded bodice.

4. Add color.

Who says your wedding dress has to only be white? Not only can you add variations of white to the color foundation of your wedding dress, but you can add pops of orange, blue, green, purple or any other color of the rainbow as well. Adding color to your wedding dress will definitely make it stand out on your special day.

5. Have a deep and open back.

Many women opt for a low neckline or an off the shoulder look to show a little bit of skin on their wedding day. But you can also have a dress that has an open back, which gives a more elegant feel to your wedding down.

6. Don’t wear jewelry in order to let your dress shine.

If you look at most couples’ wedding photos, you’ll see that the bride usually has some form of jewelry on. To be sure, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other forms of jewelry can complement any type of wedding dress very well. It’s a great way to accessorize. But if you want to let your dress shine and be the center of all attention, you might consider not wearing any jewelry. This is a bold move, but it creates a lovely and elegant effect that you may like.

Consider using these six tips to make your wedding dress stand out even more on your big day. You may find that you love the results!

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