7 Key Tips for Ordering Promotional Products for a Business

Companies use promo items to help expand their brand reputation, improve relations with existing customers and employees, and to develop a cohesive brand image. The nature of promotional items for a business can range greatly. Here are 7 key tips for ordering promotional products for a business.

1. Display You Business Name Prominently:

Promo items should display your company name prominently on them and give information such as a website and telephone number to contact your company. Don’t make the name overpowering but make it prominent enough to be noticeable.

2. Make it a Long Lasting Item:

You don’t see many promo items that are sticks of gum. That is because him is transitory in nature and will quickly disappear from the minds of potential customers. Create promo items that last longer and have a more extended life instead. Items that customers will use for weeks or months and that help to build up your brand recognition like a coffee mug or towel.

3. Do the Design in-house:

Providing the company that makes your promo items with the company logo and any special design images will help to save money on the item creation and allow for a more cohesive promo items that fits in with your brand image. It is often significantly cheaper to do the design in-house as well.

4. Buy in Bulk:

Promo items are not always cheap, but the cost is often higher for the initial design than in adding more items. Buy in bulk and save money on the purchase by avoiding having to add on smaller orders in the future. Also, buy some for employee giveaways in the office or at holiday parties.

5. Choose From Available Items:

While unique promo items may stand out, choose from the standard offerings from the promo company. Keep away from having items custom made just for your business as the manufacturer may have problems accommodating these requests.

6. Find Something a Bit Different:

Even within standard items, there is room to find something a bit different. Instead of just pens or water bottles, look at branded stain remover products and notepads. They will get extended use and people will seek these promo items out for their uniqueness and actually use them.

7. Avoid Junky Items:

If you give away cheap promo items then the label may be attached with your brand. You don’t want a potential customer to associate you with that cheap pen that never works or the flimsy water bottle. Order a decent quality product even if it costs a bit more and improve your reputation accordingly.

Promo items are a great opportunity for a business to expand its presence. Do so with quality items that capture some of the seven above tips to see these promo items truly be successful.

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