7 Signs You Need to Call an Electrician

Studies reveal that electrical failures cause three out of ten house fires. It could be due to bad lighting, faulty wiring, or overloaded power outlets. You might not have noticed anything wrong with your electrical system, but you might be sitting on a time bomb. It is necessary to call an electrician to inspect your electrical system and fix any issues to avoid fatal situations. Homeowners and renters ought to watch out for signs that they should call an electrician before dangerous situations happen.


Lights wane and flicker


You need an electrician if the dealing lights dim every time you switch on a few lights. Some appliances draw a considerable current; thus, they require dedicated circuits. Also, you might have to call an electrician to install an extra line to service small appliances.


Rusty spots


Electrics and moisture do not mix. Therefore, you need to call an electrician if you have noticed moisture or rusty patches around the electrical panel in your home. It is an indication that something is wrong. Moisture around the electrical panel poses a risk to the entire electrical system.


Vintage wiring


An antique style is trending in home décor. However, the electrical wiring in your home should not be a trend. You would need an electrician to upgrade the wiring if the house was constructed over two decades ago.


Trailing wires


You need to add new outlets if your space has several extension wires that you hide along skirting boards or under rugs. Trailing cables can trigger an electrical fire, and they cause falls. You should call an electrician to add additional outlets so that you also make your house more attractive than before and make life easy.


Your wires are covered with cloth


The other sign that you need an electrician is when the wires in your home are covered with fabric rather than plastic. The electrics expose your house and its occupants to risks. If you have come across scraps of black rubber when getting rid of outlets or switch covers, you need an electrician immediately.


Your kitchen or bathroom is dilapidated


You need to act fast if you have not updated your bathroom or kitchen for some time. An electrician will help you to make your bathroom and kitchen code complaint. Electrics in wet regions should be protected from residual moisture.


You are thrown into the dark often


It is time to call an electrician if your fuses blow usually or circuit breakers trip frequently. The chances are that the circuits are faulty or they are drawing more electrical current than usual. An electrician will fix the issue.


Call an electrician if you doubt the state of electrics in your house. Do not forget to hire an experienced electrician for the task. Also, never take any of these signs for granted.

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