9 Important Tips for Proper Gym Etiquette

While most people only think about doing their exercises correctly while they’re at the gym, it’s important to remember that proper gym etiquette must also be followed at all times. Not following the social rules at the gym will usually just garner you discontent from other gym-goers, but it can also land you a fine or suspension if you take things way over the line. Here are nine important tips for proper gym etiquette to keep in mind before your next trip.

1. Clean Up Your Area When You’re Done

Whether you’ve used some kettle bells or you’ve knocked out some time on the stairmaster, you should always clean up your mess when you are done. This means putting equipment back where you got it and wiping down machines with a towel after you use them.

2. Give Everyone Their Space

The gym is meant to be a welcoming environment for people of all fitness levels, and those who are still in the early days of their dive into the fitness world can sometimes be easily intimidated. Try not to hover around people while they’re using certain equipment and try not to get caught staring at other people while they’re working out.

3. Don’t Admire Yourself

If you’re someone who is already in great shape, then try not to show off or admire yourself in the mirror. This sort of activity can be very off-putting.

4. Wear the Proper Clothing

While you obviously want to wear some loose-fitting clothes when you’re at the gym, you also need to make sure that the clothes you are wearing will not lead to any wardrobe malfunctions during your workout. If you’ve never worked out in a new pair of clothes, take a look at yourself in the mirror while you jump around a bit to make sure you’re not letting too much show.

5. Ask a Trainer How to Use Equipment

If you don’t know how to properly use a piece of equipment or a machine, do no hesitate to ask a trainer. You may end up damaging something if you are not using it properly. There is nothing wrong with asking for help.

6. Don’t Try to Be a Personal Trainer

If you see someone else struggling with a specific exercise, you shouldn’t jump at the chance to correct them. You may not be qualified to give someone else advice on their movements, and you could end up causing them to injure themselves.

7. Be Honest About Your Level of Expertise

If you are going to sign up for a new class or try a new type of exercise, then you need to be honest with everyone at the gym. There is nothing wrong with being new to the gym, but nobody likes someone who isn’t honest. Don’t waste anyone’s time.

8. Don’t Go to the Gym If You’re Sick

If you have a cold or any other type of illness, then you should stay home. There is no need to get everyone else sick.

9. Remain Friendly with Everyone

Everyone is at a different level of fitness at the gym, so it’s best to remain friendly with everyone. Creating an inviting atmosphere at the gym will help everyone achieve their own goals.

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