About Me

My name is Tom and I live in Seattle. For the last five years I have been working fulltime as a personal motivator and life coach and also as a business coach.

But for many years before that I was doing this part time, as a sideline to my day job, which was in business management.

I got interested in helping others after a spell of illness in 2005 left me feeling run down and lethargic. After a while, depression set in and I began to feel hopeless.

Eventually, my doctor suggested I see a counselor and that person helped me so much that I wondered if I could help people as much as she had helped me.

By doing graded exercises and other techniques, gradually, I came back to wellness and experienced a positivity and peace that had been lacking all those years.

I wasn’t only not depressed any more, for the first time I actually felt contentment with my life.

Now this doesn’t mean that things still don’t go wrong sometimes or I don’t ever have a bad day anymore. But what it does mean is that I now don’t see my bad day as being some giant conspiracy because the world has got it in for me.

Prior to seeing my counselor, Claire, I used to believe that bad things kept happening to me because at some level I deserved it. Now I know that bad things just happen sometimes to everyone and it is all about how we deal with it that really matters.

Learning how to look at things from a different perspective definitely changed my outlook on life and I believe it can change yours as well.

Once again, this is not Mary Poppins, you will still have bad days and days you would rather not have got out of bed – but crucially, you can turn them around, and that is what being life coached is all about.