Awning vs. Screened in Porch: What’s Best for You

There are many benefits to choosing either an awning or a screened in porch. The right choice will depend on a few different factors. You want to take your time and consider which option will be right for you.

The Outdoor Feeling
If you add an awning to your outdoor space, you are going to be protected from the elements and still feel like you are outside. If you have a screened in porch, you will be more protected from the elements but have less of an outdoor atmosphere. A screened in porch will feel more like an additional room with a great view. Decide if you want to be outside with an awning or have a great view of the outdoors through a screened in porch.

Bug Protection
An awning may help prevent the sun from shining down on you, but it may not stop bugs from getting to you since they live in the great outdoors. If you want extra bug protection, a screened in porch might be your best bet.

An awning will not stop the spread of pollen. If you have allergies, you may want to go with a screened in porch since it will offer a little more protection from outdoor allergens.

Extra Space
By going with an awning, you can have as much room as you need outdoors. You can enjoy grilling out and picnicking underneath your awning. With a screened in porch, you will have to go inside and outside to enjoy everything. If you want unlimited space that you can transform into a outdoor oasis, consider adding an awning and adding whatever furniture you choose to create your perfect space.

Heating and Cooling
You can add an outdoor fireplace near your awning to help you stay warm when you are underneath it. With a screened in porch, you can add a heating and cooling system to help keep your space at a comfortable temperature year-round. The right choice will depend on your needs.

An awning will often be a cheaper choice than going with a screened in porch. If you are working with a budget, you may want to go with an awning to save a little money.

Installation Time
Installing an awning is going to be a faster option than having your porch screened in. Either option can be done quickly though.

Think about all of the benefits that come with an awning and those that come with a screened in porch. You can enjoy having extra outdoors space and be protected from the outside elements with either option. The right amount of protection and your budget will determine the right option for your unique needs.

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