Everything a New Gun Owner Should Know

The love of guns the people of the U.S. have created shows little sign of abating and in many cases is even growing with two background checks per second conducted on Black Friday by the F.B.I. As a new gun owner, you should have some awareness of the responsibility you have towards your family and the local community. As a new gun owner, it is your responsibility to educate all residents of your home about gun safety.

Make sure you buy the right gun

Gun safety for first-time buyers is a hot topic the NRA addresses by recommending every buyer does some homework before buying their first gun. Use some trusted sources such as respected magazines and websites to explore the options open to you for different types of firearms from concealed carry options to those looking for a first hunting weapon.

Always point the barrel in a safe direction

This may seem like an obvious decision to make but one of the biggest problems facing new gun owners is basic safety observance. Pointing the barrel of a firearm away from people and objects which could be damaged is the safest option to take with the NSSF pointing to the high number of unintentional shootings as the reason for following this rule. Pointing a firearm in a safe direction means away from any unsafe targets which include people.

Check before firing

Where do you plan to shoot your firearm? For those only hoping to use a controlled environment such as a firing range, there are few problems to consider. However, others may want to hunt or shoot on their own property there should always be some safety precautions taken to ensure the safety of those who may be injured in surrounding areas.

Secure your guns when not in use

The number of accidental shootings continues to rise across the U.S. which means we should be taking as many precautions as possible to ensure the safety of our guns. Alongside unloading each firearm when being stored, all new gun owners should invest in some form of firearm safe or vault to keep their guns safe from children and possible intruders. For those wishing to protect their home from intruders, the need to take safety precautions is obvious and should include educating family members about where a firearm is secured at all times.

When you are looking to purchase your first gun you should make sure you are practiced in the use of firearms. A clean, properly serviced gun is safer and less likely to lead to complications in the future. Even before trying to pass a background check, you should try and become as informed and practiced as possible to ensure you remain a safe and happy gun owner.

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