Everything You Need to Know Before Flying Private

Flying in a private jet sounds seductive. It helps busy executives fly conveniently while undertaking their business activities as well as provide luxurious flights across the globe. The use of private jets is booming, especially due to their iconic figures and the utilization of social media and other online platforms to market the private jet charters.


However, there are many private charters providing private flights – a source of confusion if you want to choose the best company for the first time. Coupled with the aura surrounding private flights, the flight might turn out to be unsuccessful. But this article shares some flying secrets you need to know before you fly privately for enjoyable flights.


Be Time Conscious


Even though shorter airport delays and security lines characterize private flights, you must show up early enough – 20 minutes or half an hour before the plane is set to depart. In short, don’t use those features to legitimize your lateness or arriving just before departure. Time consciousness is especially crucial if you are invited for a business trip and your host is waiting for your arrival.


Don’t Forget Your Identification Documents


Of course, carrying an ID for a flight might seem trivial. But most people traveling private misjudge the absence of traditional security checks at the airport for lack of meaning in carrying IDs or passports for international travelers. Leaving the documents home be challenging if you are a first-time private traveler or if you’re coming with a guest.


Conduct Yourself Decently


Assuming you’re invited for dinner in a private dinner party. How will you conduct yourself? Will you just drink heavily or act in any form that will embarrass your host? Certainly not. Similar to a dinner party invitation, you need to carry yourself with a sense of flying etiquette when invited for a private flight, lest you embarrass your host. For instance, clad in business attire for the flight.


Your Expectations Depend on Flight Quality


Your general expectations for private travel are safety, luxury, and convenience. These features vary depending on the quality of the flight, which depends on the flight rates. Over a decade, private charters have been reducing their prices for consumers. Currently, the heaviest planes like Global have an hourly rate ranging between USD 6,000 and USD 8,000. On the other hand, the hourly rates of flying in a standard private jet average USD 2,250.


Don’t Pack Heavy


Unlike commercial planes, private jets have less cargo space. Thus, pack lightly when invited for a private jet, and let the host know upfront what you might bring. Ultimately, flying private gives you a sense of comfort, security, and convenience that you might not experience flying commercially. Remember to observe time and keep in contact with your host or the charter company for any updates.

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