How Fixtures can make a Bathroom Remodel

When the time comes to upgrade your bathroom, there are numerous DIY procedures that can pop up. But probably one of the least expensive and most efficient one is laying down quality tiles. Tiles come in different shapes, colors, thickness, and functionalities. They not only make your bathroom beautiful, but they add a significant value to your home. Every ceramic tile in your bathroom has a unique function. Most people have made the wrong choice when picking the right tiles to match the bathrooms needs and functions. You do not need to make a painful and expensive wrong choice. Hence, when choosing quality bathroom tiles, you ought to consider the following pointers.


  • Know where you will install the tile

Before you can select the material, you have to choose the surface where you will apply the tile. Bathroom tiles can be placed on the wall that’s under the upper cabinets or as a backsplash behind your blow-drying zone. You can also install tiles on the countertop or the bathroom flow.


  • Understand the difference between tiles

A ’tile’ refers to the resilient material that’s commonly laid in rows over a certain surface. When it comes to bathrooms, this may include bamboo, cork, vinyl, stone, quarry, glass, porcelain, and ceramic. Common applications like bamboo, cork, and vinyl tiles are used in flooring while porcelain, ceramic, and quarry are used for floors and counters. Glass tiles are commonly reserved for backsplashes and walls.


  • Determine your budget

There are bathroom tiles to suit every kind of budget. Tiles like linoleum and vinyl are inexpensive while custom designed tiles are costly. Make sure you do your homework before you can fall in love with that envisioned look you have in your head. Home improvement and tile stores can assist you to estimate your entire budget to determine the kind of tiles you will get.


  • Consider the lifestyle in your household

While bathroom tiles are resilient, they require upkeep and the durability of each material varies. Ceramic tiles are durable and can hold up heat from your heaters. This makes them ideal for countertops. There are also easy to clean and maintain. However, a ceramic tile surface cracks easily. Get to know your family’s lifestyle and match it with an appropriate tile finish.


  • Pick a floor tile that will withstand your habits

The floor tile you pick needs to be durable enough to withstand cleaning supplies, spilled oils, heavy traffic and, pets. Do not choose a wall tile and then install it on your floor. Wall tiles are too slippery to walk on and can be dangerous for everyone in your family. Pick a tile with a raised pattern or texture because it’s safer for the bathroom floor.

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