How to Choose Your Perfect Fragrance

Colognes and perfumes are scents both men and women wear not only to enhance their beauty but also attract potential mates. Would you like to buy a perfect fragrance but you aren’t sure about how to pick the perfect one? The right fragrance will help you smell great, lift your moods, and evoke fond memories. But, how can you pick the right one if there are thousands of perfumes on the market today? Here are numerous ways to select the perfect scent to match both your personality and style. Read on to get the insights.


  • Picking a scent

Every fragrance consists of different “notes” that determine the overall scent. The notes consist of 3 layers known as the base, middle, and top notes which work in synergy to ensure a specific smell is created. There are perfumes that are considered floral and this is because they contain various scent notes such as gardenia, rose, or geranium. Other perfumes are fruitier with undertones of apple or citrus. On the other hand, exotic perfumes have spicy notes like cinnamon and star anise. Scents from men also have various notes. There are musk scents which have heavy and more masculine tones. Others have smells like leather-based notes and pine.


Begin by determining the types of perfume you prefer and then check the base notes before you can buy. Consider learning more about the notes used to create the fragrance and it will be easier to pick the best fragrance.


  • Choose a concentration

Perfumes and colognes come in four levels of concentration. The rule for these perfumes is the higher the concentration, the higher the cost. Typically, a perfume that has a high concentration will have a powerful scent that will last long. Even though they are costly, most people feel that the high cost is worth it.


Parfum or perfume is the highest concentration and it lasts the entire day with one application to the pulse joints or wrists. The level that follows is eau de parfum which lasts about 6 hours after application. Eau de toilette is the third level – it’s more affordable and often found in retail stores. Note that it requires more than one application in a day. The final level is eau de cologne that lasts about 2 hours.


  • Test the fragrance

Before purchasing a fragrance, consider testing it to ensure it’s something you will enjoy wearing. You may sniff the bottle first or apply it on your skin. Most cosmetic stores offer testers so that you can try the fragrance before purchasing. Since each person’s skin has its own hormones and pheromones that determine how a fragrance smells, consider spraying some on your wrists and then smell it after some minutes. This will help you know if the fragrance is perfect or not.

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