How To Foster Leadership In The Workplace In 4 Steps

Fostering a culture of leadership in the workplace is key to developing your organization and creating happy employees amongst a stable work environment. There are many important leadership qualities such as honesty, confidence, commitment, communication, accountability, innovation and empathy. In order to foster great leadership in the workplace, one must learn and possess these qualities. While there are many ways to encourage leadership, we are going to break down and identify four key steps you should be doing to help create a culture of leadership at your workplace.

1. Build Positive Relationships With Your Team
Regardless of the size of your organization; knowing that each employee can bring something to the table is super valuable. Building positive relationships with your team will allow everyone involved to feel more comfortable with your interactions and also less intimidated by others. When you spend time with your team, you’ll be building a greater bond, and in return will make for a more enhanced work experience for all. Foster an environment that focuses on partnership. Here are a few ideas to consider:

• Share your expertise, knowledge and personality with others.
• Speak positively about those you work with.
• Support and appreciate the work of others.
• Become more involved with work activities and projects.
• Initiate conversations.

2. Be a Mentor
Top leaders recognize that there is always room for improvements. If you truly want to encourage leadership within your workplace, you must encourage learning amongst all employees. Learn and grow together by meeting with them both individually and as a team collectively to discuss goals, challenges, and new ideas to implement and allow everyone to feel that their voice is valued. Here are a few catalysts for becoming a great mentor:

• Recognize strengths and weaknesses.
• Encourage continued education.
• Offer gentle guidance.
• Gain new experiences.
• Be open to new ideas and suggestions.

3. Have Purpose & Vision
A great leader needs clear vision and purpose. Revealing your vision and purpose to your team, will not only inspire them to work harder, but also work together towards a common goal. A vision is a picture that you have in mind for your business. It is quite possibly the most powerful way to keep your focus on what you want to achieve. A successful leader has the ability to see the future and stay motivated towards achieving it. Purpose, is the reason for which something is done. Purpose can influence behaviors, shape goals, offer a sense of direction and guide your business decisions.

4. Secure Clear, Constructive Communication
Good communication is essential. As a leader, encouraging open communication amongst employees allows interactions that are both energetic and productive. Often times, employees experience an increased morale, are more productivity and more commitment when they feel they are able to communication efficiently within the organization. Here are a few tips on improving communication in the workplace:

• Take time to listen.
• Give your undivided attention.
• Be respectful and make eye contact.
• Always follow-up.

When fostering leadership in the workplace, you must create an open, trusting and fun environment where individuals feel they can speak up and share ideas. By building positive relationships with your team, becoming a mentor, having a clear vision and purpose for your organization and establishing great communication skills… your workplace will thrive and prosper.

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