How to Handle Renters Complaints

When you are a landlord, complaints from tenants are pretty obvious. If you want to relate well with them, it is crucial to understand how to handle their concerns. Renters can complain about several things, some of which are major issues and others aren’t. The best part is to understand the tips you can follow to stand a better chance of resolving the matter peacefully.


1. Encourage tenants to approach you


Tenants should feel comfortable approaching you with any complaints they have as fast as they can. While some renters might misuse this opportunity, most of them will feel cared for. Give them a number through which they can contact you any time they wish. Ensure that the line’s voicemail has an emergency number that callers can opt for during off hours.


2. Listen to the complaint


One of the best skills that landlords should possess is excellent listening skills. You should have the grace to listen to what the renter is saying without assuming that they are overreacting. Exercise respect and understanding of the matter at hand. When you can, make sure you keep the tenant calm so that you can be more receptive to the issue.


3. Resolve the complaint soonest possible


Every property manager ought to have a list of contractors on standby. Whenever a maintenance problem comes up, contact the professional so that he or she can handle it immediately. If a contractor ceases to be loyal, drop him or her from the list and find someone else you can rely on. Finding someone who resolves issues quickly is a plus for any landlord.


4. Show genuine concern


Avoid dismissing a renter’s complaint because it shows up as hostility. Irrespective of how you are feeling about the matter, make the person feel that their concern is significant and you will address it. Let them understand that you will do everything within your means to fix the issue. You should aim at making your tenants feel like you are on their side rather than being an evil property manager.


5. Follow up with tenants


Make sure that you alert the renter when you finish resolving a complaint, even when it seems obvious. For instance, if a tenant complains that the sink is leaking and a plumber fixes it, visit the renter’s house and let them know that the problem has been handled. Doing this shows concern and helps you to create a good relationship.


As a property manager, you are running a business. Therefore, you should remain professional at all times irrespective of the interaction. Do not lush out on the renter even when you feel that their complaint isn’t warranted. That way, your real estate business will flourish at all times.

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