How to Market Your Franchise

Opening a franchise has advantages over starting a business from scratch, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to put some effort into your business’ success. Marketing your franchise is still an important task you’ll tend to well into business ownership. Understanding marketing and the avenues best for your brand makes a tremendous difference in the outcome. Learn a few top franchise marketing ideas below and implement them into your strategy to ensure optimal success.

1- Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and dozens of other social media sites provide tools that any business owner can use to reach an audience and build their brand in the process. Each social media site offers a unique marketing technique sure to create an impression with those who see your brand. Use the sites most suitable to your industry needs and watch as your franchise grows before your very eyes. Over 80% of the world’s population uses social media. There is a market regardless of your industry when such a large number of people are out there.

2- Direct Mail

Direct mail still works and many businesses take advantage of the chance to stick out among the competition with this marketing tool. Cost-effective and efficient with a 65% success rate, direct mail allows a business the chance to advertise a grand opening, special sale or offer, or other information that reaches a customer’s mailbox. With the right offers, you can expect access using this technique.

3- Promotions

Contests and giveaways draw in big crowds of interested people since everyone enjoys a freebie or the chance to win a nice prize. Advertise promotions via social media, word-of-mouth, email newsletters, direct mail, etc. Specify that sharing the promotion is a part of the entry or request process. Often, people not only enter the contest but take the time to learn more about your business and services.

4- Build a Great Website

Your website is oftentimes the first point-of-contact a customer has with your business. Build a great website and give them a great first impression that keeps them around for the long haul. Your site is great when it’s easy to navigate, informative, filled with great content and with SEO optimization in mind.

Marketing a franchise the right way brings success today and well into the future. Although the marketing ideas above only begin to detail the many awesome ways to reach your audience, they’re some of the best. Use each of these ideas to market our franchise and see the success that you crave.

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