How to Stay Fit This Holiday Season

There are great reasons for worrying about your health during the holiday season. This is the time of year when many individuals gain weight from eating numerous high-fat foods at get-togethers, or alternatively, it is possible to get sick at this time of the year. Here are some tips for remaining fit during this holiday season.

Get Fit Tips for the Holidays

Tip 1: Remember to Exercise

As the temperature declines during November, you may not exercise as much, and this can lead to gaining weight. This is a great time to join a gym so that you can exercise several times a week while using equipment such as elliptical machines, treadmills or stationary bicycles. When the weather is inclement, have a stretching or yoga DVD that you can watch while you exercise at home.

Tip 2: Limit Your Holiday Treats

Throughout the holidays, you are bombarded by tasty goodies at the supermarkets or at parties, and it is easy to begin gaining weight for the next two months. You must learn to control your consumption of holiday treats during the holiday season by keeping track of your calories. While shopping for groceries, limit yourself to buying one package of candy or cookies.

Tip 3: Get Your Immunizations

Before traveling during the holidays, you should make sure to get your immunization injection for influenza. This vaccination will change each year, and the best time to get one of these is during the autumn. While getting your influenza shot, have your physician check your medical records to determine if you need additional immunizations. You may need a booster shot for some types of contagious diseases, or you can get an immunization for pneumonia.

Tip 4: Get Enough Sleep

While the holidays are a busy time of the year, you should get enough sleep each night. Adults require a minimum of seven hours of sleep, but some individuals need more sleep to feel their best. To make sleeping easier at night, have a restful bedroom that is dark, warm and quiet.

Tip 5: Control Your Alcohol Consumption

It is a good idea to control your alcohol consumption to avoid developing any addiction issues. Don’t drink a lot of alcohol throughout your workweek, and also, don’t drink a lot when you go to holiday parties. If you are having problems with alcohol addiction, then seek help right away from a professional treatment program.

Additional Ways to Stay Healthy

When you go outside during the holidays, make sure to dress warmly in a heavy coat along with a hat, scarf and gloves. You can avoid illnesses, including colds by washing your hands frequently. Make sure to enjoy the season while also making healthier choices.

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