Is Shipping Your Car Safe? And Other Common Car Shipping Questions

There will come a time in your life where you will need to ship your car. It’s not as uncommon as one might think and it’s done all over the world. Here are some things to know when thinking about shipping a car and will it be safe.


We live in a world nowadays where it seems everyone wants to voice their opinion. The internet is crawling with comments and reviews about business locally or internationally. Everyone is pouring out their souls or unleashing a fury on whatever company did them wrong. Find your information about whether shipping a car is safe by reading a lot of reviews. People don’t hold back when it something very positive to say about a company. They want to share their great experience with the world and hope that they can get the same experience as well. Other reviews may not be as favorable but at least you have an idea of what the company needs to work. Often times managers will respond to the customer regarding their review and try to solve the problem. This can give you a good idea that the business cares about its customers.


When shipping a car asked about the equipment that will be used to move it from state to state. Your not looking for two buddies who say they have some kind of trailer and can drive it to the next state. You need to make sure the business is using up to date equipment that won’t damage your car. No on want to put there beloved vehicle on a trailer only for the chains holding it to slice up the paint.


Cost can be a huge fact when determining if your car shipping experience will be safe. Ask to see some information on the business and begin to compare prices. Find out what they cover if your car rolls of the tracks in heavy traffic. Make sure you get some kind of quote from a legit business. No one wants to find out that the two people that hauled away their $50,000 car didn’t have a business at all. Call the establishment and asked to speak with the manager to get your questions answered. It’s your right to ensure that keep your cost safe is an extra expense when it should be apart of the business’s policy.

Many people are a bit clueless about car shipping and might even believe it is only done by boat or carrying a ridiculous fee. It normal to have a list of questions when your are considering shipping your car to a child or a friend. Make sure you use at least one of these tips to make your car shipping avoid a nightmare.

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