Things Truckers Wished You Knew When You Passed Them

While traveling on the road, especially busy highways and interstates, you’ve likely seen 18-wheeler trucks or some that are a bit smaller. Although it might seem like these vehicles are taking up the majority of the road, you do need to respect them as the driver of the truck usually can’t turn or complete maneuvers as quickly as you can in your personal vehicle. Here are a few things that many truckers want you to know when you decide to pass them on the road and so that you can stay safe while sharing the road with them.

Blind Spots
When you begin passing a truck on the road, you need to remember that there is a large blind spot where the driver is unable to see your vehicle. This area is much larger than the blind spot for your own vehicle. Pay attention to turn signals on the truck, letting the driver move over before you begin passing.

Lane Changes
It’s alright to change lanes in front of a truck, but you need to give plenty of warning before making your move. This is because it’s difficult for a large truck to slow down as quickly as your vehicle.

Weather Conditions
If it’s raining or there are other types of weather situations that make it difficult to see the road in front of you, then it’s going to be difficult for truckers to see as well. This also means that they need even more time to slow down on the road. Try to avoid passing a truck in the rain or in other weather conditions until you’re far enough ahead of the vehicle so that you’re not a distraction.

Cutting Ahead
Instead of swerving over in front of a trucker at the last minute, use your turn signal and let the driver know that you plan to pass and move over in front of him. If you cut off a truck driver at the last minute, then it could result in the truck driver needing to slam on his brakes, which could then lead to an accident.

Following Too Close
One thing that is just as hazardous as passing to quickly is following a truck driver too closely. Since the truck is so large, the driver can’t see your vehicle behind him while on the road. If you’re tailgating, then it’s possible that you could end up rear-ending the truck if the driver needs to suddenly stop or make a fast maneuver on the road.

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