Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Realtor

There are hundreds of thousands of homes across the United States and across the world and all of these went through a process from sale to purchase and vice versa. In every one of these processes there had to be a few professionals to take care of the paperwork and any obstacles. One of the most important professionals in the home sales process is a realtor.

People think that if they don’t hire a realtor they will end up saving 3 to 6%, but they are making a big mistake. A realtor is there to help you with the process of buying or selling a home and can help you prevent certain pitfalls and even save you money by negotiating. So here are the five main reasons to hire a realtor:

1. Know The Process

Realtors go through an extensive education process in order to understand the process like the back of their hand. They understand the process better than anyone and are constantly studying on what is happening in the market, or about new laws that can affect their buyers or sellers.

2. Understand Properties

Realtors understand markets as well as properties. If you find a great realtor he or she will tell you more than a contractor can about what is wrong with a property, and what is right with a property. They may even be able to give you a quote on how much it may cost for you to update or fix the property, if a “fixer” is the type of property you’re looking to purchase.

3. Negotiation Skills

Unless you own your own business or have closed your own deals, a realtor is a great person to have on your team when it comes to negotiation. They can negotiate on your behalf to get you a better price or better terms. It takes a lot of time to understand, practice, and become a good negotiator so you might as well leave it to someone who negotiates on a daily basis.

4. Service Providers List

The fourth thing that a realtor will help you with is by providing you with a Rolodex of service providers you may need. These can be anything from an escrow and title company, a contractor, a real estate attorney, mortgage lenders, and anyone else you may need to consult with. Because they meet with these people constantly, they may even know them on a personal level.

5. Knowledge

Finally, there’s no way you will be able to compile all the knowledge that realtors pay for and are entrusted with by the state in which you live. This is the reason why they have a license to buy and sell real estate on behalf of the buyer or seller, because knowledge is power and with great power comes great responsibility. Just trust your realtor and ask him for the knowledge you need.

In conclusion, in this article we discussed the top five benefits of hiring realtor. These include them knowing the buying and selling process better than anyone else, they understand properties sometimes better than a contractor or inspector, and they have negotiation skills. They have a large amount of knowledge on other aspects as well such as the market you’re in and what it can and will do in the future, and they can connect you with the service providers you may need.

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