Top 5 Cities People Are Moving to and Why

Since the advent of the Internet, jobs have become increasingly freelance and can often be done from remote locations. Due to this newfound freedom, many people are finding it easier to move to new places in order to find a better quality of life. Here are 5 cities people are moving to in pursuit of happiness, or at least a better Internet connection.

1. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul has long been a destination for English teachers looking to make good money. These days, the bustling technological megacity is an attractive option for all types of workers. Seoul has some of the world’s fastest Internet speeds, and the Internet is available almost everywhere, including the subway. The city is extremely safe and clean, offering all kinds of unique and niche experiences.

2. Lisbon, Portugal

This once-giant city in voyage and discovery is attracting more young people since the technological boom. One of the cheapest beach destinations in Europe, Lisbon’s beautiful architecture and extensive history help make the Portuguese capital one of the world’s most attractive destinations.

3. Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana has a rough reputation, but that doesn’t matter much to those in search of a life that’s easier on the wallet. San Diego is just across the border, and people renting or buying in Tijuana have the same view on the same beach as those spending upwards of millions for the privilege of existing across the border.

4. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a haven for the artist and hipster. There are new innovations and resources for those in digital fields as well as the opportunity to participate in a thriving arts scene. Even better, the city of Berlin has capped rents. They also provide an artist’s or freelancer’s visa, meaning that Americans can show up in the country and apply to stay, which is uncommon these days.

5. Dublin, Ireland

The Irish capital is more expensive than the other cities on this list, but it is also the only destination that has native English speakers. Due to their immigration rules based on ancestry, Ireland can be one of the easiest countries to move to for Americans with Irish heritage. The capital may cost far more than other options, but employment is readily available and pays well, which makes it a great destination for many people.

There are several cities all over the world attracting people to live and work, so this list is by no means comprehensive. However, it may give you some ideas about where you might like to spend some time while earning and immersing yourself in another culture. You never know, you may even find your forever home.

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