Could You Use A Business Coach?

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“A business coach? What’s the use of that?” You might be asking yourself “I know my own business better than anyone, how could a business coach help me?”

This is a frequently asked question that I hear a lot!

So here, I have put together a list of things that yes, a business coach can help you with.



Whoever you are and whatever you are doing, there’s a fair bet that you have ended up managing a team of people along the way and there’s an even bigger bet that you have never been prepared for this role.

Every day I meet and work with incredibly talented, educated and bright individuals, holding master’s degrees and PhDs in various disciplines. Some are Harvard professors and some are the leading lights in science and technology. But none of them know how to deal with people or manage their teams.

Managing a team of people is one of the most demanding and difficult jobs you will ever do. It’s not surprising this area of business is the most sought after for coaching and help.

If you have any problems in this arena at all, then maybe you could use a business coach.


Following on from team management, this is the next most anxiety inspiring issue that I deal with.

…Who knew it, when you first launched your start up or opened a restaurant that somewhere, sometime, you would be required to speak in front of a crowd!

Public speaking is something that very often catches people unawares and then when it happens, they either automatically assume that it is just like talking to their friends, albeit, a bit more loudly or they clam up completely!

You will recognize the symptoms: your palms sweat up, your throat constricts and goes dry and before you know it, you have lost the ability to form words.

Relax. If you have a public speaking engagement and are worrying about it, I can help you prepare for this without it becoming A Big Deal.



Change is the one thing that scares the pants of us, as humans. But as a business person or manager, it is something that not only needs to be dealt with, but needs to be done regularly and often drastically.

You will know yourself that nothing stays the same in business and if you don’t change and adapt to the new, you will be left behind.

So why is making decisions and implementing them one of the most troublesome aspects of business management?

If you are procrastinating about making that change, one thing you can do to help yourself is to enlist a business coach.

They can’t make the changes for you, but they can help get your head focused down on how to make the right decisions and stick to them!


This one fills everyone with fear, both from the interviewee side but also, frequently, from the point of view of being the interviewer.

Yes, it seems that everyone is nervous in interviews, but with the help of a business coach, you could start to relax and maybe, even possibly, enjoy the interview process!