How Water Quality Affects Your Health

Water is an essential part of our life. We cook with it, drink it and wash with it. Due to this, the quality of water should always be the best if you want to maintain your health. Did you know that you cannot survive for several days without water, but you can stay without eating for some days? Read on to find out how essential water quality affects our life.


Common pollutants often found in water


Most people use water originating from public sources. Others choose to purchase bottled water since they think that it is a better alternative. However, whether you take bottled water or water from public sources, it’s important to know that the water is filled with contaminants. Some of the most dangerous and common contaminants often found in water include chlorine, lead, fluoride, copper, aluminum and other kinds of metals. All these metals are extremely dangerous for human health and can affect us in many ways.


Sources of Pollution


Contaminants do not automatically pollute water. They come from certain sources such as:


  • Oil Spills
  • Urbanization
  • Increased usage of synthetic organic substances
  • Chemicals most factories dump in water sources
  • Discharge of raw sewage (untreated) from factories and households
  • Agricultural run-offs that find their way into streams, groundwater sources, and rivers
  • Acid rain resulting from burning fossil fuels
  • Littering caused by humans in lakes, oceans, rivers among other water bodies. Harmful litter includes aluminum, plastics, Styrofoam, and glass.

Generally, almost all byproducts of our civilization pollute our drinking water. This is the reason why most governments globally have enacted policies that regulate the discharge of pollutants in water to reduce contamination and pollution. Unfortunately, everything has not worked as planned since many people still take and use contaminated water. This is because most factories dump toxic wastes into the water bodies unseen and our household sewage still finds its way to these water bodies.


How water pollutant affects our health


When you use contaminated water to cook, wash with and to stay hydrated, you’ll expose yourself to many infectious diseases. For instance, when lead accumulates in your body after consuming contaminated water, it damages the central nervous system. The pesticide often found in water can cause endocrinal damage, cancer and also damage your nervous system. Fluorides damage teeth and the spinal cord while petrol chemicals cause cancer. Arsenic causes skin cancer, vascular diseases and damages the liver.

It’s important to ensure that you take purified water to maintain your health. Consider getting a water filter that can effectively clean all the water you use in your home and you will protect your family.

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