What is the Internet of Things? IoT Definition & Meaning

Internet of things is a term used to describe electronic devices that have the capability to communicate with other electronic devices through the World Wide Web. Some of these devices include cell phones, computers, appliances, lighting fixtures, thermostats, fitness devices, home security cameras and many others that are used daily by many people. Another design of the IoT is a smart home which allows devices inside your home to be controlled by your smart phone.

Cell phones allow you to view your home security camera and unlock your front door. Need to turn on the lights or adjust the thermostat? Your smart phone can do that too. Cars are capable of responding to your incoming text messages using pre-programmed responses. Infrastructure is being built so that in the future there is enough internet bandwidth to support self driving cars. Fitness devices can monitor your heart rate, track your steps and calculate calories you burned during each workout. Many of these devices allow you to download and control your favorite music apps. Built in voice command allows you to check the weather, set reminders and view your text messages all from your fitness device screen.

Smart clothes are being developed with the latest technology and have built in features that will make your life more interesting. These clothes can be worn just like any other clothing but they are unique. Some clothes have a built in speaker that allow you to play your music app while others have built in vibration sensors to help track the endurance level of a workout. Most of these clothes are designed with Bluetooth capabilities so that you can easily pair the sensors to read the data on your phone.

Internet of Things is useful for businesses who want to gather data and organize it between devices. The hand held scanners used to track inventory in retail stores can pull information about the product for the customer. Some businesses are starting to deploy smart drones with sensors to track inventory without the need of a physical employee. These drones can be controlled in one location while the inventory could be located miles away. This information is collected through the internet and makes everyday processes more efficient.

Evolving technology is designed to make our everyday life easier and more organized. Internet of Things gives people the tools to help monitor daily activities and make improvements in their everyday lives. And with a click of a button, the IoT gives people the convenience of controlling their favorite devices from anywhere in the world.

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