What Supplies Do You Need For A Dental Lab?

One of the biggest questions that arise when thinking about opening a new business is what do I need to get started. In the dental laboratory field, it is especially important to do research and see what is needed to make dental appliances. We will talk about different machines and numerous supplies. Doing a bit of research aids in finding the best prices and the main equipment needed to start a dental lab. Talking with a local dentist can be a start to where to look for supplies and equipment.

Starting with a large enough building will give you an idea of how much equipment you will need. Things such as handpieces, articulators, polishing systems, waxing, casting, and cleaning systems are among the many items that will be on your list. These machines are needed to make dental appliances. Whether they are removable or fixed. Each machine has a specific job and needs to be maintained regularly. Lighting and using a CAD/CAM system helps get the right shade and designing the appliance that the dentist ordered. Other materials are needed to make the dental appliances. Acrylic, porcelain, and metals that are the frame of the removable denture are needed too. Scheduling an appointment with a dental supply company representative will help you see what you are ordering when they show you the equipment choices. At that time you can also arrange for an automated ordering system to be in place for re-ordering and keeping up on inventory. Materials and other supplies that accompany the equipment need to be ordered too. Setting up a front office area is also necessary for the new dental lab. Materials needed for the office basic office machines and supplies. Remember though to also include prescription pads to be printed up. These are what the dental offices need to fill out to provide us with information on what is to be done for the procedure. This is also a part of advertising for your new lab.

Hosting a grand opening event is also a great way to advertise and let the dental personnel come to the lab and view the new machines and materials that you have in place to better assist them with making the optimal dental appliance for their patients. Word of mouth is one of the best ways of letting the dental offices know that you are open for business and the excellent quality of equipment you have to work with. If you are an established dental lab then having an efficient re-ordering system is an integral part of keeping items in stock and ready for the next order.

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