What to Know About the Foundation of the Home as a First Time Homebuyer

If you are considering buying a home for the first time, then there are several things that you need to know. While the foundations of the houses that you look at may seem boring, you should inspect the items carefully. A bad building foundation can lead to having numerous problems with a home, so you must think about looking for these problems.

Five Ways to Find a Home’s Foundation Problems

Foundation Problem 1: Gaps around the Doors and Windows

Remember to inspect the exterior of a home to find the gaps around the windows and the doors. These gaps can indicate that the foundation of a home is degrading, leading to walls that shift. These changes cause gaps around the doors and windows that are difficult to repair with liquid caulking.

Foundation Problem 2: Noticing a Slanted or Uneven Floor

It is important to check the floors in a home to determine if the surfaces are uneven or slanted. You can bring along a carpenter’s tool that checks for the proper level of surfaces, or some individuals carry a small ball to place on the floor. If the ball begins to roll, then you know that the foundation of the home isn’t in good condition.

Foundation Problem 3: Seeing Holes and Cracks in the Home’s Foundation

Walk around a home to look for cracks and holes in the foundation. These issues occur from natural problems, such as earthquakes or floods, but pests can also damage a building’s foundation. If you can see a problem with a home’s foundation, then it likely has numerous other holes and cracks underneath the building.

Foundation Problem 4: A Sinking or Settling Foundation

As part of your exterior inspection, you should measure the foundation to determine if it is the same height. A settling or sinking foundation is a major problem that can cause damage to the interior of a home.

Foundation Problem 5: Windows and Doors that Won’t Work Correctly

While you are inside a home, you will want to check its doors and windows to determine if the items will open and close correctly. Doors that won’t open or close are a sign that the foundation of the building is crumbling, leading to uneven door frames. When windows won’t open, this also indicates that the building’s foundation has a problem.

Negotiating with Real Estate Agents and Homeowners

If you are still interested in making an offer on a home with a foundation problem, then you must negotiate with the homeowner or the real estate agent. Repairing a building’s foundation is expensive and time-consuming. However, you can offer less money for the property so that you can pay for the repairs.

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