Why Roses Will Always Be the Ultimate Romantic Gift

When you think of romance, your mind likely conjures up images of chocolate, fairy stories, flowers and other reminders of love. Roses might inspire thoughts of bliss, romantic fulfillment, marriage and dating. In particular, you may give red roses as the perfect romantic gift for various reasons.

For Their Beauty

The shape, color and texture of roses exudes idealistic beauty. The stem is long, slender and aesthetically pleasing to artists. The leaves and thorns are vital parts of this flower and add interesting detailing to the look as a whole. Besides this, the flower comes in a variety of colors other than red. Yellow represents delight, joy and cheeriness. The purple hue is the “mystical rose” which inspires enchantment and royalty in onlookers. The lighter shades of purple may mean true love or love at first sight. Show passion, desire and enthusiasm by handing someone an orange rose. Love and beauty are often in plays, classic literature and movies.

Exciting Gift to Receive

One of the best gifts a woman can receive for Valentine’s Day, her anniversary or other special days is a bouquet of red roses. This is because the flower is feminine, magnificent and bold. It’s softness and beauty tend to enhance a female’s appearance. You might even imagine fantasies of romance from childhood by holding a rose or viewing a rose garden. When the man you love brings you a bouquet, the delicious scent from nature will soothe your spirit.

Reminder of Fairy Tales

You’d almost believe fairy tales do exist by thinking about a rose. A multitude of story books have magnificent illustrations of these colorful beauties. Snow White and Rose Red, the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale, is one such story filled with beautiful illustrations. Nearly any child who reads a fairy tale may fondly connect love to flowers. One reason is because flowers inspire your imagination and can make you dream.

Red Symbolizes Romance

Red is the color of romance, passion, joy, longing, desire, love and sensitivity. It’s the color of fire and blood, and may provoke feelings of rage, malice or determination. You may also think of women wearing red dresses and associate it with radiance or strength. The color red is meaningful in its own way which can take on several translations to different people. If you’re not sure what it means to you, just go with what your intuitive feelings tell you.

Next time you think about roses, you may desire to give one to someone you love. Rose plants, handmade paper roses and a bouquet of flowers are a few ideas. You can even create a drawing or painting of the famous flower to someone special.

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